Monday, September 14, 2009

What Americans Want

I've been listening to the talking heads tell us what Americans want. "Americans want us to do something about health care." "Americans want us to fix the economy." "Americans want new green energies." "Americans want more environmentally friendly cars." "Americans want us to be respected in the eyes of the world." Now, let me tell you what Americans want. Americans want to simply be left alone. We want to turn in eight, nine, ten hours a day and then go home to our spouses and children. At the end of the week, we also want to keep the fruits of our labors. Americans want to drive what we want to drive, not what our government determines we should. We also want to have readily available, affordable fuel to operate what we choose to drive. Ideally, we'd like that fuel to be domestic; therefore, Americans also want to drill for our own oil, power our homes with clean, cheap nuclear power, and tap into our vast reserves of natural gas. Americans want our children educated in the subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic, not sex, Marxism, and bastardized history, written to be politically correct instead of historically accurate. Americans do not want to appease Islamic fundamentalists, but to utterly defeat them on the field of battle until they choose to live at peace with us. Americans do not want to be liked by the rest of the world if that comes at the expense of our national security. Americans want hard work to be rewarded instead of penalized. Americans want the reform of the tax code. Americans do not want more government spending, but less government, period. We want the government to stop enslaving us. We want the government to get out of the way, and allow us to fix this economy. We don't want more government. We don't want more regulation. We don't want more programs. We want to be left alone.

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