Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama and Palin

President Obama spoke to the United Nations today. He beat us down in front of some of the worst dictators, thugs, and murderers in the world. He said that the United States wasn't any better than the worst two-bit regimes around the globe. In contrast, Sarah Palin also gave a speech today. She spoke to CLSA, a group of investment bankers in Hong Kong. Mrs. Palin lifted America up. She emphasized small government, freedom, and the spirit of the American people. She made no apologies for America, but instead reminded those in attendance of the great contributions to the world and mankind. She spoke of free markets and ingenuity, especially the ingenuity of Americans. Mrs. Palin, thank you for being unashamed of this great nation, thank you for being unashamed of the average, everyday American, thank you for speaking common sense in a world with a severe lack of it. Mr. President, shame on you.

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